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remember my prophetic chickens [userpic]

Semi-friends only

18th August 2019 (22:37)

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This journal is semi-friends only, as fandom-related posts are unlocked, but I couldn't resist using this wonderful banner made by queenpeladon.

Please comment here if you'd like to be added.


Posted by: ladyamarra (ladyamarra)
Posted at: 3rd October 2007 12:09 (UTC)


We are glad to welcome you to the tardis_bigbang Challenge as a
writer and thank you for your participation.

You will be invited as a member to the community within the next few days,
so please keep checking your invites and accept the invitation. (We
have only a limited amount of invites to give out at once, so please
accept as soon as possible!!)
This step is necessary for you to be
able to see all the locked organisation posts within the
community and to actively participate in the future.

Sincerely yours,
the Maintainers of TARDIS_bigbang

Posted by: ladyamarra (ladyamarra)
Posted at: 6th March 2008 13:07 (UTC)

In case you haven't seen the messages in the community, tardis_bigbang just wants to remind you that the rough drafts for the writers are due on March 16!
Don't panic! We do not require a finished story yet, it's merely for us to know how many stories we'll have to expect and who drops out.
The Artist sign up period comes to an end on March 23! So if you are unsure if you'll manage to finish the story in time or want to drop out as a writer, please think about taking part as an Artist instead!
There will also be a lot more important organisational posts in the future so we would like you to add our !Modpost tag to your Lj tracker (Simply follow this LINK ) to stay up to date.

best regards,
your tardis_bigbang Mods"

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 29th June 2009 20:41 (UTC)
It's your birthday!

BABE! Happy birthday!

Don't worry, I'm not a random stranger... I'm Daphne! haha :)


Hope you had a great birthday :) tell me about all your partying ;)

love you lots!


p.s. UEA was rubbish. I haven't spoken to you in ages so I didn't get any info. I've got 2 new people in my form. A guy and a girl. The girl's rude, ignores us and only speaks to the blondes (you know what I mean) the guy's okay i suppose. Pleasant to talk to but he flits from person to person not really staying in one place. Oooo! There's a gay guy called Patrick! He's quite funny. I quote: "I don't want to bitch so...I better stop now" haha!

Posted by: remember my prophetic chickens (agapi42)
Posted at: 2nd July 2009 23:23 (UTC)
Re: It's your birthday!
Three- life on Earth

Hello!! Thank you!

Why are you anon? You have an account.

You know, it's lucky I'm not spoiler-phobic. But even if I was, I could probably guess that, judging by the grand tradition of RTD Finales Must Always Be Bigger and Better Than The Last One.

Heh, I can tell you all about Jodi's party, if you like! Though you may have seen the video on Facebook. I had cake, presents and a film to celebrate: chocolate cake, clothes and The Blues Brothers on Saturday with my housemates and chocolate cake, toiletries and Too Many Crooks on Monday with my family. Although we did have a barbecue for lunch, to which I invited Hayley and Natalie (sadly not Elly as I thought she'd be at school), and that was great fun.

P.S. I know what you mean, although I would tend to use other words beginning with 'b' that do not cast judgment on perfectly nice fair-haired people. You're going into Year 12? Oh, you must be! Wow, I feel old. I must come and visit (and apologise profusely for my lack of communication)!

Posted by: clocketpatch (clocketpatch)
Posted at: 7th March 2010 05:36 (UTC)

(reposted here because you've got privacy options up on the pms)


Hey, no worries. As far as it goes, donating was enough of a reward - the story is just a bonus. Also, now hat I know how much thought you're putting into it, well, that just makes it doubly special. *huggles*

I can't really hold late fic against you when I was late on making my own.

Posted by: remember my prophetic chickens (agapi42)
Posted at: 7th March 2010 07:06 (UTC)

I have? That might explain the message that never arrived from someone else! *changes* Thank you.

Thank you. I really will try to produce something of an acceptable standard soon.

Posted by: unknowngirl666 (unknowngirl666)
Posted at: 26th August 2010 21:18 (UTC)

hey emma

finally got around to making an account on lj to use.

hope your summer going well

talk to you soon


Posted by: neveralarch (neveralarch)
Posted at: 9th May 2011 19:41 (UTC)

Hi! So after seeing you around Gallifrey fandom, DS9 rewatch, and now Remix, you seem like a pretty cool person to me. If it's cool, I'm adding you?

Posted by: remember my prophetic chickens (agapi42)
Posted at: 9th May 2011 19:43 (UTC)

Hi! That's definitely cool. Can I add you back?

Posted by: neveralarch (neveralarch)
Posted at: 9th May 2011 19:51 (UTC)

Of course :D

Posted by: remember my prophetic chickens (agapi42)
Posted at: 9th May 2011 19:54 (UTC)

Yay! :D

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